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Offered: A Homemade Steno Machine With Six Hours of Instruction

I'd like to offer a new Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard, reversibly altered to serve as a steno machine ($80 value), with six hours of lessons in steno theory and in using the open source steno software I'm developing (http://plover.stenoknight.com). Right now the program lets you write up to 225 WPM into a text file on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (view a short screencast here), but eventually it will allow for high-speed control and text input into any program. Steno is fun and useful, and it's pretty easy to learn. Plus, if you decide to give up steno at any point, you can easily return the keyboard to its original form and use it for gaming, writing, or whatever. I think the lessons would be most helpful if conducted in person (I can travel within the Five Boroughs or hold them in my office in Brooklyn), but if someone wants to bid long distance, I'm happy to ship the keyboard and willing to try teaching over IM or whatever.

Contact: plover@stenoknight.com or via LJ

Delivery: I will ship or hand-deliver the keyboard the day after you win the auction, and then we can set up mutually agreeable times to meet for the lessons.

Minimum bid: $60.


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