[MODERATOR NOTE] Last Day to Bid
rm wrote in graduate_maria
Bidding ends at 11:59pm EST tonight!

The following items have 1 or no bids, and need more love:

  • Herringbone bracelet from javagoth - 1 bid (current price: $25)

  • Pinstripe dress from jaebi_lit - no bids.

  • Pampered chef cookie press from neadods - no bids.

  • Anything in this jewlery store from yourlibrarian - lots of items, all buy it now opportunities, low prices.

  • Hand-crochette scarf from labellerose - 1 bid (current price: $25)

  • Fanfic from longlostnite - no bids

  • Miniature horse art from wynkat1313 - no bids

  • Pair of fine art prints of NYC architecture from sykii - no bids

  • Pair of fine art prints - "lattice and portal" from sykii - no bids

  • Fine art print of NYC spires from sykii - no bids

  • Hand-dyed wool fiber from teaotter - no bids

  • ?

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