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[MODERATOR NOTE] More Auctions
rm wrote in graduate_maria
Hello all! As you can see I have started posting some new auctions and will be continuing to do so throughout the evening.

These auctions, stuff I haven't posted yet, stuff you haven't posted yet, and stuff from the previous round that did not receive any bids are now open for bidding between now at August 8, 11:59pm.

This is pretty much the final deadline to be able to make things happen for Maria. Right now the total is at approximately $2,000 raised and pledged through the auction and general Internet donations. We have $3,000 to go. Maria is also working on some sources of funding off-line, now that we've put such a big dent in the total, so hopefully we can all make this happen together.

If you have any questions, ask them here.

Items from the first round that are still open for bidding:

  • Fanfic from longlostnite - no bids

  • Miniature horse art from wynkat1313 - no bids

  • Fanfic form keenquing - no bids

  • A fine art print by Sean Rogers offered by auction beneficiary, theotoky - no bids

  • Pair of fine art prints of NYC architecture from sykii - no bids

  • Pair of fine art prints - "lattice and portal" from sykii - no bids

  • Fine art print of NYC spires from sykii - no bids

  • Airship fine art print from sykii - no bids

  • Hand-dyed wool fiber from teaotter - no bids

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