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Offered: Signed Book
rm wrote in graduate_maria
Offer: vashtan is offering a signed copy of Test of Faith by him and raevgray. This is a m/m erotic romance novel.

There are only 15 signed copies of this book currently out there.

Contact: vashtan

Delivery: vashtan says personalization is no problem and he will pay postage worldwide.

Minimum bid: $10

Bidding for this item closes Sunday, August 8, 11:59pm EST

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Congratulations! You are the winner of this auction.

Please make your donation to Please send this donation as "Personal" and "Gift" so that Paypal does not take out a fee. Additionally, please make a note in the notes field about what item this donation is for.

Then, when paypal sends you your confirmation of donation, send a copy of that to me ( and your auction seller, who will then make arrangements with you to get the item to you.

If you are the seller, please post the item and the amount at the tally post when you have received donation confirmation. This redundancy helps me track things and make sure nothing gets caught in the cracks.

(Deleted comment)
Please reply to the previous bidder so that they know they have been outbid.

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