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[MODERATOR NOTE] Auctions currently closed
rm wrote in graduate_maria
Hello everyone and thank you for bidding!

Bidding on current auctions closed at 11:59pm last night, July 30.

TODAY you will get a comment from me, Maria, or the auction sponsor telling you, you are the winner and what to do next.

TOMORROW new items will go up and bidding declared open on these new items and items from the first round that received no bids. This round will last through 11:59pm Sunday, August 8th.

I will post a total progress report update sometime tonight or tomorrow.

For NOW, if you are the winner of an auction, please make your donation to Please send this donation as "Personal" and "Gift" so that Paypal does not take out a fee. Additionally, please make a note in the notes field about what item this donation is for.

Then, when paypal sends you your confirmation of donation, send a copy of that to me ( and your auction seller, who will then make arrangements with you to get the item to you.

If you are the seller, please check the tally post. I am trying to add things as I see them, but am not always able. If you don't see something you've received a receipt for, please post the item and the amount at the tally post when you have received donation confirmation. This redundancy helps me track things and make sure nothing gets caught in the cracks.

If you're confused, contact me or ask a question here.


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How does one contribute new items for bidding?

Instructions are here:*how%20to%20offer

If you need additional help, let me know.

I'm beginning to put new items up in just a moment, so any time you see this is fine.

Thank you very much!

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